How exactly does the bible describe sowing?

I am quite curious about this doctrine of sowing and have been for a while now. A lot of people swear by it and claim it works hence it has almost become the bedrock of today’s Christianity. It is used to describe some sort of sacrificial giving towards God’s work with the expectation of a huge financial return. This sort of approach to giving seems to have a ring of paganism to it in my opinion. Personal opinion aside, I decided to go through scriptures to gain a better understanding and here is what I discovered.
The main scripture used in support of this teaching is the prosperity Isaac experienced after he moved back to the land of Canaan. Genesis 26: 12 tells us that:

Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the Lord blessed him.

The word ‘sow’ was clearly used in the verse of scripture but I was wondering if this was meant to convey some sort of sacrificial giving and did a deep dive into the word sowing. The Cambridge dictionary defines the…

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A proper approach to bible doctrine

I never knew until recently that quite a number of christians consider joy and happiness to be 2 different things. And the general consensus is joy is not dependent on one’s circumstances and thus eternal while happiness is dependent on one’s circumstances and could be short lived. It seems like we were pitting one against the other.

I checked the dictionary to see the difference between the two and was quite surprised to find that they were both synonyms of each other. This was when it hit me that we tend not to look at things in the bible in the context they were used. This kind of approach to bible interpretation can be riddled with errors and give rise to faulty doctrines.

I decided to look to the bible and check the original words translated as joy and happiness and discovered to my amazement that the original word Hebrew and Greek words happiness was translated from actually means ‘being blessed’. Joy on the other hand referred to rejoicing, gladness. Both have their place and n…

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